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About Us is an inimitable question and answer website, which is meant specifically for film and television buffs. Ask Mirchi was launched on January 2015; the concept of establishing this website was to provide a place for people, where they can ask any questions related to films and television and get quick and accurate replies from other registered users or members. We aim to provide our users the best and reliable answers to their queries regarding their favorite actors, actresses, television shows, television serials and films, and make the Ask Mirchi website the best source to acquire entertainment knowledge.

We used English as our primary language. However, a registered user can ask anything about the entertainment industry; be it an American, German, Indian or French actors and actresses, films, television shows, television serials, film and television music, directors, producers and more, as we are also trying to provide an integrated global community, where other people can gain information about the television and movie industry.

Our website is also optimized for all types of devices including computer, mobile phones, Smartphones, and Tablets. Simply go to your browser and enter

How does Ask Mirchi work?

Ask Mirchi required our users to Sign Up for a 100% free account and stay connected to our global community. Upon registration, a valid username, e-mail address and password are needed to complete the registration process. For easy Sign Up, user can also use their existing social media accounts including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Disqus and Windows Live.

Our main objective is to allow the Ask Mirchi registered users to post questions and then answer them befittingly. Through this process, they can gain reputation points, from which they can also earn rankings such as:

Rankings Earned Points
Newbie 200
Master 500
Guru 1,000
Wizard 5,000
Sage 10,000
Genius 25,000
Ace 50,000
Prodigy 75,000
Savant 100,000
Elite 125,000
Entercrat 150,000
Legend 200,000


Reputation points are a summary or the measurement of how much trust you gain from the site. A member who posted a question will also motivate other members to provide answers so both can earn points. The more reputations you gain, the more privileges you can have to the Ask Mirchi website. The best way to earn reputation points is by posting valuable and significant questions about the entertainment world and provides helpful answers. The votes for those posts can help you earn or sometimes lose your reputation (this happens when someone voted down your post/s). Newly registered users will receive a gift of +200 reputation points and will be ranked as Newbie and additional 50 points will be added for every question asked. User who accepts his own answer will not earn any reputation. Additional 10 points will be given if a member will follow any registered user of Ask Mirchi.

Each time a member gained reputation points and upgraded their rank position, their profile pictures will automatically be changed to an image provided by Ask Mirchi. However, if a member used or uploaded their own profile picture, it will not be changed even if their rank was upgraded or changed; but their rank position can be seen on their Profile page.

All the members have the right to vote on other user’s question and answer, from which they can also earn reputation points. They can either Like or Dislike any question and answer posted by other registered members. If someone liked a questioner or answer’s post, that person can earn reputation points. However, if a member continuously voted down or dislike a questioner or answerer’s posts, they will gain bad reputation to Ask Mirchi website.

Meanwhile, the answers to the existing questions will turn to search result of the same or related questions. This way, knowledge is both accumulated and shared.

How to ask question in Ask Mirchi?

Once logged in, you can find the “Add Question” option on the upper right corner of the page; type your question and submit it. If you are not a registered user, when you click on the “Add Question” option, you will be prompted to either register for an Ask Mirchi account or connect using any of your social media accounts. Please also note the following when posting question:

  1. Be very cautious not to violate any of the Terms and Conditions, or your question will be remove by the administrators of the site. Any user who will violate any rules from our website will be restricted from using our website.
  1. Specific and precise questions deserve helpful answers. Only questions regarding movies and televisions are allowed to post in Ask Mirchi website.
  1. Be patient on waiting for the replies to your question. Number of views to your question appeared below your posted questions. If you feel that your queries has been viewed many times or if your question has been posted for how many days and you are not receiving any response, feel free to contact us.
  1. If you are not satisfied with the answers given by other members, you are always free to submit any additional queries.
  1. Questions are also filtered based on its categories. For example, when you post a question and placed it under the Movie Actress category, your question is viewable under the Movie Actress category. Just point your mouse on the Questions’ drop-down option on the upper right corner of the page and click on the Question Categories. Question categories include Directors, Movie Actress, Movies, Serial Theme Songs, TV Actress, Movie Actors, Movie Songs, Producers, TV Actor and TV Serials.

Please note that recent questions, recently answered, question with no answers, most voted, most responses and most visited questions are also under the Questions’ drop-down option.

  1. You can see an “In Progress” status below each question when it is not yet answered. But once the question was answered correctly or the questioner has accepted the answer provided by other members, a green “Solved” status can be seen below each question.

How to answer question in Ask Mirchi?

To submit an answer to a question in Ask Mirchi, you need to be a registered user. After successfully signing up, simply click on a specific question and fill out the “Leave an Answer” form with your attachment file (optional) and then type your answer in the comment box. When done, click the “Post Your Answer” button. If you want to get notifications on your email when someone make a follow-up comments to that question, tick the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” or tick the “Notify me of new posts by email” when someone posted an answer to that question. Please also note the following when posting an answer to a question:

  1. All answers are provided by other registered users or members of Ask Mirchi.
  1. One or multiple answers are commonly given to each question.
  1. A picture or any file can be attached to each answer.
  1. A member will gain +20 reputation points for every answer to any question.
  1. If the given answer was selected by the questioner as the ‘best answer’, the answerer will receive +50 reputation points.
  1. Rating other member’s answer can earned you +10 points.

Profile Page:

A profile page is a visual display of a registered members’ personal data and all their activities in Ask Mirchi including their username, ranking position, achievements, stats or the number of questions that they already posted, their answers, favorite questions, posts, authors that they followed, points, best answers and their followers.

Receiving Email from Ask Mirchi:

A registered member will receive email from Ask Mirchi during the following:

  1. A newly registered member will receive a confirmation email after they successfully signed up to Ask Mirchi.
  1. When a new question and answer was posted to Ask Mirchi website.
  1. If a registered member requested to reset their password, Ask Mirchi will email the Password Reset link.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions and suggestions about the Ask Mirchi services, please send us an email at


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