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Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT OF ASK MIRCHI (“Ask Mirchi Website”, “Our Website”, “we”, “our”, “us”) is a question and answer website about the entertainment, movie and television industry around the world. We require our users a mandatory registration to be able to use and access Ask Mirchi and all Our services. Else, there is no need to register if a user intends to just read the content of Ask Mirchi such as the questions and answers posted on Our Website.

We provided this Privacy Policy Statement (“Policy”) to help our users in making a decision on whether to use or discontinue using the Ask Mirchi Website. This Policy stated how Ask Mirchi and all its contributors acknowledge Our user’s personal information when accessing Ask Mirchi and all its services. It also notifies Our users about the policies and the procedures on using Our Website and securing all the information with regards to Our services. Additionally, this Policy also outlines which types of information were collected about Our users from their use of Our website, and the method of how we use and don’t use this information.

This Policy is integrated and subject to the Ask Mirchi’s Terms and Conditions. Your use of Our Website and the personal details you provide with Us is subject to the Terms of this Policy and Our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that any content posted on Our Website will become a published content and therefore, it is not considered as personally identifiable information which is subject to this Privacy Policy Statement.

We respect Our user’s privacy and we are committed in securing their privacy with all respect. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy Statement, you may send us a report at

What types of information were collected to the users or registered members while using or accessing the Ask Mirchi Website?

  1. Information which was voluntarily provided by the user:

Ask Mirchi may gather and store personal information that the registered members voluntarily provide while accessing Ask Mirchi or by answering through email about the feature of Our Website. Such information include analytical information that you submit electronically when signing up to gain access to some features of Our Website; information like your name, email address and the information included in your search requests or to the question and answer that you submit to Ask Mirchi. If you refuse to provide us such information while using Our Website, you may not be able to access, use or participate in some portion or the entire features and services offered through Our Website.

  1. Cookies:

When accessing the Ask Mirchi website, we may send cookies (a diminutive text file which contains of alphanumeric characters) to your computer which inimitably identifies your browser. The cookies will help Our Website remember information about your visit to Us. Ask Mirchi uses session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie is only temporary and will disappear when you close your browser, while a temporary cookie remains even when you already close your browser, which is useful when you visit Our Website again. You can reset the settings on your web browser so it will reject all cookies or specify when a cookie is being sent. But some features of Our Website may not function correctly.

Also, the 3rd party advertisers or ad servers that put and pose advertising on Our Website may also collect and gather information from you through web beacons, cookies and the likes. These 3rd party advertisers and ad servers may also utilize the information they gathered in presenting their advertisements. This way, it can help them in measuring and researching the effectiveness of their advertisements, or for other purposes. The use and gathering of your information by these 3rd party advertisers and ad servers is administered by the relevant privacy policy of these 3rd parties and therefore, it is not covered by Ask Mirchi’s Privacy Policy Statement. The Privacy Policy of these 3rd party advertisers and ad servers may be distinct from our own Privacy Policy.

  1. We use these 3rd party advertising companies to provide ads to Our users when visiting or accessing Our Website. These companies uses information (excluding your name, address, phone number and email address) with regards to your visits to Us and to other websites to be able to provide advertisements based on your interest. 
  1. Log file:

When using and accessing the Ask Mirchi website, our servers will record specific information that your browser transmit every time you visit any website. This is called as the log file, which includes your IP address, web request, type of platform you are using, domain names, pages viewed, browser type and language, the time you spent on a specific page, cookies and more.

  1. Web Beacons or Clear GIFs:

When using and accessing the Ask Mirchi website, we may use web beacons or clear GIFs, which are used to trace the online usage patterns of our registered members anonymously. We also use these clear GIFs in tracking which emails are already opened by the recipients.

How are these information used?

  1. Submitting personally identifiable information to Ask Mirchi through Our Website means, we are using your personal details to function, maintain and present to you the features and the services Our Website offers.
  2. Any content or personal information that you voluntarily publish on Our Website will automatically become publicly available and therefore, it can be collected, viewed and used by other users. We are not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized 3rd party use of those information. Your user or account name will be viewable to other registered members when you post a question or answer any query to Ask Mirchi website. Any file or photos that you submit when you post a question or answer any question to Our Website, may be redistributed via Internet and can be viewed by the public.
  3. Ask Mirchi do not use any of Our member’s email addresses or other personally identifiable information in sending commercial or marketing messages without their permission or except if it’s a part of a certain program in which you can opt-in or opt-out. We may present your information to Our advertisers and other visitors that will allow Our advertisers to aim ads to certain types of visitors. Ask Mirchi reserve the right to utilize and to publish to 3rd parties all the information that we gathered online about Our members, users or other visitors in any purpose. Please note that Ask Mirchi will never use such information that we collect online while accessing Our Website, nor we allowed 3rd parties to use those information, to email promotional or advertising offers straight to you, except if you have expressly informed us that you would like to receive or get those promotional offers from us and from the 3rd If you opt to receive those promotional offers, you agree that all your information will be used for email marketing. Ask Mirchi may also use your email address without your permission for non-marketing purposes or to inform you if some changes about Our Website.
  4. Ask Mirchi uses both Our user’s personally identifiable information and specific non-personally identifiable information such as cookies, IP address, browser type and the likes, to improve all the features and the quality of Our Website and to make latest promotions, performances, features and services by saving, tracing and analyze Our member’s preferences and trends.
  5. Ask Mirchi uses cookies, web beacons, clear GIFs and user’s log file details to (i) remember all the information so they won’t need to repeatedly enter it when accessing Our Website again; (ii) provide custom-made content and information; (iii) supervise the efficiency of Our Website’s marketing campaigns; (iv) supervise the total metrics like the number of visitors, how many times the page was viewed, and more; (v) track Our user’s entries and submissions.
  6. Ask Mirchi contains links to other website and give access to the products and services that the 3rd parties offered. Please note that Ask Mirchi has no control on the Privacy Policies of such websites and when accessing or purchasing any products or services through Ask Mirchi, the use of information that you voluntarily provide is governed by the Privacy Policy of the site’s administrator that you visits or the providers of such products and services.

When does Ask Mirchi disclose information?

▪ Ask Mirchi present personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information to Our affiliates or businesses, to process or manage those information on our behalf. It is necessary that these parties will comply to process those information in acquiescence with Our Policy, and we use rational efforts to control their use of such information and utilize the correct privacy and security measures.

▪ We may deliver personally identifiable information and non-identifiable information if it’s necessary by the law or if such action is required to conform to any law or to answer a court order.

▪ Ask Mirchi reserve the right to disclose personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information that Ask Mirchi believes and trust, and is necessary to impose Our Terms and Conditions, take precautions against any obligations, to protect and investigate against the 3rd parties allegations, to secure the reliability of Our Website, and to secure the rights, safety and property of Ask Mirchi, the registered members, users and others.

Ask Mirchi’s commitment to the privacy of children:

The Ask Mirchi website is not directed and designed for people below thirteen years old. Any user less than thirteen should never register or use Our Website. We do not intentionally collect any information from people under thirteen years old. If you are a parent of a child below thirteen and you have any query about Our Website’s Policy, you may send us a message at

Ask Mirchi’s commitment to data security:

We use commercially equitable security to maintain the integrity and protection of your personal information. However, We cannot ensure or guarantee the security of the information that you transmit through Our Website and you do it at your own risk. After receiving your transmission of such information, Ask Mirchi makes equitable efforts to guarantee the security of Our own systems. But please note that this will not guarantee that those information will not be accessed, changed, disclosed or ruined by breaching any of our security.

If Ask Mirchi learns any means of security system breach, then We may notify Our user electronically so that you can take necessary protective steps. We will post a notice on Our Website if such action will occur.


If you have any questions and suggestions about the Ask Mirchi Privacy Policy Statement, please send us an email at

Amendment to Ask Mirchi Privacy Policy Statement:

By using the Ask Mirchi website, you hereby acknowledge your compliance to our terms stated in this Privacy Policy Statement. It is our sole discretion, to amend, revise or update this Privacy Policy Statement at any time. Ask Mirchi will certainly notify Our users for any changes made to this Policy by publishing an announcement to Our Website. If you continue using Our Website or any of Our services, it means you knowingly agreed or comply with such changes. It is necessary to review Our Policy from time to time to keep you updated from any changes made by Ask Mirchi. We will update the “Last Revised Date Section” at the bottom of this page when any changes were made.

Last Revised Date of the Privacy Policy Statement:

This Privacy Policy was initially published and made effective on February 2015.

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