Best Bollywood Movies Based On Women Empowerment

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What are the best Bollywood movies showing women empowerment and feminism in which main lead are played by a female actress rather than a male actor?

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    Mother India: It’s a classic movie which was first of its kind in Hindi cinema, and it has now become a cult movie. Which is an example of women empowerment in India?

    MirchMasala: This motion picture itself is a landmark for Indian cinema this movie was included in Forbes 25 greatest acting performance list. Samita Patil played the role of Sonbai.

    Dor:  Dor is completely out of the mainstream movie it talks about women strength of forgiving another woman.

    English Vinglish: Sridevi has played a brilliant role in the film. This picture teaches us that we should empower the woman and encourage her.

    Kahaani: A pregnant woman’s husband goes missing. She takes the job to find her husband were about by herself.

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