The Untold Story, Rekha’s biography give details about her controversial Sindoor

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Yasser Usman, the writer of Rekha’s biography, revealed shocking secrets of her life, What are these secrets? Do this biography disclose the secret behind the Sindoor on her forehead?

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    Rekha, the Bollywood diva of the industry, has a turbulent personal life. She was forced to have a kiss with the director in her first movie. Later, she married to Vinod Mehra, but his family didn’t accept her. Upon the Sindoor controversy, she said that there’s fashion to wear the Sindoor in her city from where she came. But there’s a rumor that she applied the Sindoor for Amitabh Bachan. Again she got married to Mukesh Aggarwal, but this marriage didn’t last long, and she wanted the divorce, and this led his husband to commit suicide.


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